Gaimz is scaling interaction for everyone.

We believe that all Gamers deserve better. Donations, items and skills are not rewarded enough. Gaimz is changing that by allowing Content Creators and Gamers to interact and increase their revenue. Gain more subscribers and donators by using our top notch features.

We’re changing that


Coaches & Shoutcasters

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Donation Rewards

All your content in one place

Gaimz allows you to have all of your information in one place: Your Games, Streams, Videos, Chat, Socials and all of our interaction and monetization features.

Play & coach your audience for $$$

Trying to top frag in every battle? Or you’re passionate about coaching and sharing your skills with the FNGs? Let the ‘Buddy’ feature take care of that. Whether it’s shoutcasting or simply playing with other Gamers, you can always offer your services or book services on Gaimz.

Create events for your audience

The ‘Event’ feature is the best way you can spoil your V.I.P.'s' You can create your own special events for selected groups like follower and subscribers with no burden. You can also charge users to participate in your events.

Reward your top donators

Gaimz takes donations to another level. Giving nothing but a shout-out to your donators is outdated. The ‘Donation’ feature on Gaimz allows people to request a variety of entries in exchange for the donation. Playing a certain game, a certain hero, or achieving X kills with Y deaths only - you name it.

Create all kind of tournaments

Yes, creating tournaments is also a part of the awesome integration with your favorite game on Gaimz. With the ‘Tournaments’ feature, everyone can create championship style tournaments for their audience!

Will you join us?

The Legends behind Gaimz is owned and operated by Gaimz Inc..

We are a team of live streaming enthusiasts & gamers that decided to make gaming more fun for everyone

Gaimz allows streamers to monetize their audience better while improving interaction between the broadcaster and his/her most loyal fans.

We believe that every gamer around the world deserves 10x more for his/her spendings on content and digital items - Get ready to embrace brighter futures for gamers, streamers and content creators where chat emoticons aren’t the only reward anymore for subscribers.

This is the future for all the Streamers, Subscribers, and eSports culture that Gaimz wants to present to the world.

If you’re an owner, employee or loyal supporter of gaming and esports, we’d love to get in touch with you about how Gaimz can provide long term value for global gamers for any cause you care about!

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